RightDrive SuperBowl LVI Commercial 2022

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RightDrive Super Bowl LVI Commercial – 2022

RightDrive does it again, this time with social media star Chaparro Chuacheneger

We had some big shoes to fill from our Super Bowl spot last year.  RightDrive’s tax season Super Bowl spot from 2021 made headlines.  With the relevance and viral success of the Netflix series “The Tiger King,” RightDrive featured an impersonator of The Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic. The storyline includes the Joe Exotic impersonator, partying and running the streets of Las Vegas with a young man thinking of all the glorious adventures he could have with the money from his tax return. The fast-paced and exciting spot also featured a cameo by Allen Glover.  Glover was the alleged hitman for hire that “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic tried to coerce into killing his nemesis Carole Baskin.  Anywho, RightDrive’s Super Bowl commercial was an award winning hit.


So how would RightDrive attempt to outdo themselves in 2022? We weren’t sure if we could compete with last years spot, but that wasn’t the goal.  The goal was to create a spot that was of the highest quality, relevant, and entertaining. RightDrive wanted to produce a spot that El Pasoans could be proud of.  After many brain storming sessions, we decided to focus on our “fast” messaging.  We needed a way to communicate that at RightDrive, we’re fast, and that buying a car doesn’t have to take all day.  We started running with this idea that “some things shouldn’t be fast, but buying a car should be.”  This is one of the many pain points car buyers experience when trying to purchase a car.  One of the ways RightDrive is different, is that our customers only deal with ONE person, a sales manager.  Our sales managers do everything. There’s no back and forth and our process is fully transparent which makes our process faster than every other car dealership out there.


Building upon that idea, we began thinking of things that “shouldn’t be fast,” which proved to be a little more challenging than we thought. From time itself, to growing up, there are plenty of things that shouldn’t be fast, but which ones are entertaining, easy to understand, and fast enough to communicate in a 30 second commercial? We came up with this idea of a man proposing on the first date.  A guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and shoots his shot as soon as he thinks there might be an opening.  This seemed like an easy enough idea to communicate, and we believed most would agree that proposing on a first date would be a little too forward, and way too fast.  Now, we needed a way to draw viewers in, we needed a relevant, identifiable character…we needed a celebrity.


Who is Heber Gandara? For over two decades, Heber and his production company Axess Multimedia, have been producing and directing the highest quality spots in the El Paso area. Lucky for us, he also is one of the founders and owners of RightDrive.  Heber’s idea was have social media star and comedian Chaparro Chuaceneger as the main character.  Chaparro is a social media and comical sensation.  Known to international audiences, he is beloved by hundreds of thousands.  Even those who aren’t familiar with him will recognize him on many Valentine’s Day memes.  Thankfully, we were able to get a hold of Mr. Chaparro and schedule him for a shoot in neighboring Cuidad Juarez.  


Chaparro was incredible to work with.  It was difficult at times to keep fans at bay while we were filming. But, Chaparro welcomed his fans.  He was FaceTiming their relatives and loved ones, giving them shoutouts on videos…whatever they wanted, Chaparro accommodated. It was evident we were not only working with a celebrity, we were working with a great human being. The shoot was a blast.  The talent of the actors and the film/production crews (shoutout to Ravisuals) was amazing to witness. No detail was overlooked. We all put our heads together to produce the highest quality spot possible.  A spot that we could all be proud of. Once we finished shooting all of the video, it was time to get into the production studio and get to work.

The post production was a large task.  Axess Multimedia and their partners began working non-stop.  They had plenty to work on and a lot of video to sort through.  On top of everything else, they had the special effects and graphics to produce which was going to be key if we were to create a high quality spot.  Axess multimedia delivered. The graphics and effects that they developed were Marvel Cinematic Universe quality!  It was all coming together. The storyline, the actors, the team behind the scenes, the post-production, all played a critical part in making this commercial a success.


We had all the ingredients to make our vision come to life.  We had the star, our charismatic CEO, Jay Welsh carrying to storyline, the video quality, the audio, and the effects and graphics.  Now it was time to see how our audience would receive the spot.  Would our message be clear? Would they love the story? Would they recognize and appreciate our celebrity Chaparro Chuacheneger?  Would they remember it?

Our spot aired right before halftime of one of the greatest SuperBowls in recent memory.  The game was close between the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bangles.  It was exactly what we wanted.  Had it been a blowout or a boring game we run the risk of losing eyeballs.  But this game was close and exciting.  Our spot was set to run right before the Halftime Show. The Super Bowl Halftime Show was packed with stars like Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, and Eminem. It was an incredible placement.  Almost immediately we started hearing the positive feedback.  The hard work of so many was paying off.  Our audience was remembering the commercial.  They found it funny, entertaining, and loved our star, Chaparro Chuacheneger. 

The aftermath continues to be filled with positive feedback.  We have been featured in local news outlets such as this article from KLAQ, and this article from Net Noticias. Here are the links to our 30 second spot, and our 60 second spot that you can view on YouTube.  We would like to thank everyone for the positive feedback.  Making a national quality spot that our community loved has made us very proud.  Thank you again to everyone who worked on, and participated in this spot to help make our vision become a reality.

What will RightDrive come up with next year?

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