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February 1st, 2022 by

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RightDrive is proud to be the newest used car dealership in Muncie, Indiana! We look forward to being a positive contribution to the Muncie Community.  Although we’re new to the area, RightDrive has roots in Muncie by way of our CEO Jay Welsh.  Jay was born and raised in the Muncie, Indiana area. This is a  sort of homecoming for him and he’s proud to bring with him the RightDrive way of doing business to Muncie, Indiana. 

RightDrive is excited to bring years of delivering an excellent car buying experience to Muncie and surrounding areas. In 2017, we created RightDrive with one simple purpose; to make car buying better. It’s no secret that the automotive industry has been in desperate need of change for quite some time.  The problem was that the car industry hadn’t changed in decades and car buyers deserved a better experience.

RightDrive in Muncie, Indiana

Today’s car shoppers are well informed as they should be.  Dealerships have to honor that and do business in an honest way. Long gone are the days when car buyers weren’t aware of what they should be paying for their next vehicle.  Not only that, but car shoppers are also well aware that they have plenty of options when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. This is why the back and forth of dealing with a salesman, then a sales manager, then a finance manager don’t really work for today’s customer.  The process needed to be transparent and honest, and that’s exactly what we set out to do.

What makes us different?  It’s our people, our process, and our products.  We believe that car buying should be an enjoyable and transparent process. There’s no reason why it can’t be. We believe that the customer’s needs should be met in every aspect of the car buying process. We believe that car shoppers should only deal with ONE person that handles everything from start to finish.  This is why we created a process to get our customers into a new vehicle in 60 minutes or less.  You heard that right! Car buying DOES NOT have to take forever. Car buying can be an enjoyable experience.

There are many reasons why car buying takes forever at dealerships. The biggest reason is that customers have to deal with 3 different people just to buy a car.  There’s the salesman, then the sales manager who’s working the numbers, and lastly, the finance manager that puts it all together with the financing terms and signing of important documents. There’s no need for this anymore.  At RightDrive, our employees are highly trained with years of experience.  They are managers, not salespeople.  They will handle everything from finding you the right vehicle at the right price, to getting you the right financing options, as well as assisting you with any warranties and insurance to help you protect yourself and your vehicle.  At RightDrive we make sure you’re taken care of well after you buy a car.  When you buy at RightDrive, you’re family, and family is forever.

Our customers and our employees are everything to RightDrive. There’s a reason why we have hundreds of 5-star reviews and are among the top-rated dealerships in the United States. Buying a quality vehicle doesn’t have to take all day, and doesn’t have to break the bank.  We deal with all credit situations and we won’t stop until we get you the price and/or payments that you deserve.  We take pride in getting approvals that other dealers can’t.  We want to invite you into our dealership to say “hi” and allow us to formally introduce ourselves.  We’d love the opportunity to earn your business and we look forward to being a positive light in the Muncie, Indiana community. Thank you Muncie for the warm welcome!


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