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What is RightDrive?

Simply put, RightDrive is an independent used car auto group. Known for its social media presence, rememberable Super Bowl commercials, and being the fastest-growing dealership in the El Paso area. So, what has made RightDrive the success that it is today? Let’s go back to the beginning where it all started.


         RightDrive Owners Rudy Arocha, Jay Welsh, and Heber Gandara

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, well in the case of RightDrive it struck 3 times by bringing together an unstoppable trio who founded RightDrive. Rudy Arocha, Heber Gandera, and Jay Welsh first met each other while working in the automotive business years ago. Rudy was a Marketing Director and Jay was a young General Manager of a prominent automotive group.  Heber is the founder and operator of Axess Multimedia, a successful production company that worked with Jay and Rudy. This trifecta formed a great relationship with each other, and in January of 2018 they decided to launch RightDrive. 

RightDrive began as a small dealership lot on Alameda Ave. They started with 4 cars and one salesman. In their first month, they sold all four cars and quickly realized that they might have something special. The team would go back and forth, to and from auctions, as they were selling vehicles as fast as they could get them. By their 3rd month in business, RightDrive was selling over 30 cars per month! This trajectory didn’t stop, and by the beginning of 2019, RightDrive opened up its second location on Alameda and had 12 employees. 2019 didn’t seem to slow down at all either. The group continued to sell cars month after month, and in 2020, RightDrive opened up its 3rd location on Lee Trevino. With full steam ahead, RightDrive continued to grow and expanded its reach all the way up to Muncie, Indiana in the winter of 2021. Fast forward to 2022, and RightDrive successfully opened up its 4th location in El Paso on Montana Ave. Currently, RightDrive has 5 dealerships and employs over 70 people.  Fast-paced growth in an extremely competitive and fast-paced industry where not many can survive, let alone thrive.



What’s the secret sauce you might ask? Well, it’s not necessarily a secret, it’s more like a recipe that focused on the customer experience and taking care of your people. From the moment Jay started in the car industry in 2007, he quickly realized that there was a better way to buy a car. When he, Rudy, and Heber created RightDrive they wanted to provide their customers with a unique experience that was unlike any other dealership. To do this, they created a process where their customers would only have to deal with one member of the RightDrive team from start tofinish. The traditional dealership model relies on a salesperson, a sales manager, and a finance manager in order to sell a customer a vehicle.  There’s a lot of back and forth with this model and a lot of wasted time.  Jay trained his team to be able to handle everything.  This created a fast and transparent process that RightDrive customers loved! Only RightDrive can get you approved and into a vehicle in 60 minutes or less.  That’s strong. 

                                               Members of the RightDrive Team

Another part of this recipe is taking care of their people.  RightDrive is all about its employees.  Rudy, Heber, and Jay created a culture of positivity focused on meeting the needs of every employee.  They pay their people well, and they take care of them in every way possible. From providing investment opportunities to its employees along with competitive healthcare.  Each employee is also given a life insurance policy that’s paid for by RightDrive Having a positive work environment is everything to the RightDrive business model.  Happy employees make happy customers. 

Marketing is the other major factor in the RightDrive recipe for success.  Rudy Arocha came to the table with strong background in marketing – combine that with Heber Gandera having a production company – and you have all the tools you need to get in front of potential customers. RightDrive was able to leverage Heber’s company to create engaging and memorable videos for its audience. Rudy, who specializes in digital marketing was able to create digital ads for search engine marketing and social media advertising. Because of this, RightDrive was able to establish a strong marketing presence and get out in front of customers early on. RightDrive did something very unique with its marketing that not a lot of companies do.  They started “paying it forward,” going out in their community and giving back. They went out a paid for people’s groceries, they paid for people’s gas, and they even knocked on doors and paid people’s rent! They’ve given away cars, cell phones, iPads, grills, TVs, and much more.  Because of all this, RightDrive was able to embed itself in the El Paso community and people took notice.  A good reputation is everything in the car business, and the RightDrive founders dedicated themselves to creating a positive brand that people could trust.

One last ingredient for RightDrive’s recipe of success:
RightDrive is one of the only independent car dealers with its own service department and inventory acquisition team. They have a Service Director, Rosa Terrazas, and she has a team of 12 team members that include certified technicians and mechanics.  Their inventory team is made up of four buyers led by Alejandra Torres.
Having their own internal service department allows them to do a thorough 121-point inspection on each vehicle before it ends up on the front line and ready to sell. The RightDrive service department fixes everything from batteries, brakes, tires, transmissions, fuel systems and much more. Because of the RightDrive team and their process, they make sure RightDrive vehicles are of the highest quality before they’re ready to sell


RightDrive is also able to get cars onto their cars. trucks, and SUVs ready to sell quickly because they have our own internal service department. Many other dealers have to outsource this work, which causes bottlenecks within a dealership. The name of the game is to turn inventory quickly, and RightDrive has that down pat.
Alejandra Torres and her Inventory Acquisition Team keep quality vehicles flowing into RightDrive.  They search the entire country for the best used vehicles available at the best prices.  Because of Alejandra and her team, RightDrive hasn’t dealt with the inventory shortages that most dealerships are experiencing nation wide.  In fact, RightDrive has continued to increase their inventory, stocking over 400 between its 4 El Paso dealerships. All they do is buy.  Their process is extremely thorough, ensuring that El Pasoans are getting a wide variety of high-quality vehicles to choose from at incredible prices

Most important is this: RightDrive customers have peace of mind when they buy the car. RightDrive’s inventory team is constantly acquiring dependable vehicles. RightDrive’s Service Team has a full history of the work that’s been done to each vehicle, and they stand by their product. If for some reason a customer has something that needs to be fixed after the sale, all they have to do is bring it into RightDrive and they can get it fixed for them at their dealership. The RightDrive organization holds themselves accountable for each vehicle they put on the road, and if in the rare event that something is amiss after the sale, the RightDrive team has all the resources possible to get things fixed quickly and efficiently.

So what does the future hold for RightDrive? Time will tell but Rudy, Heber, Jay, and their team have no intentions of slowing down. It’s a competitive industry, and those who fall asleep at the wheel get left behind.  Make sure to keep an eye on their social media and creative commercials to see what RightDrive has up its sleeves in the future to come.
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