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Cars for sale near Ft. Bliss – RightDrive in El Paso – Used Car Dealer For Our Military

Used Car Specials for Active Duty Military and Veterans near Fort Bliss in El Paso

Did you know that RightDrive is veteran-owned and operated? In addition, we employ many active-duty military members as well as veterans. We take pride in serving those who serve our great country. Ft. Bliss is a huge pillar in our El Paso community and we make sure our active-duty military and veterans are given the very best experience when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.  Whether it’s your first vehicle purchase or simply the next purchase in a long history of car buying, you can expect outstanding customer service at RightDrive.  We offer discounts on all vehicles, as well as special financing for active-duty military and veterans.  It’s our way of saying thank you for serving. Since Ft. Bliss helps drive El Paso, RightDrive wants to help Ft. Bliss drive by providing those who protect our freedoms with great vehicles at unbeatable prices.

There are plenty of dealerships to choose from when selecting a used car dealer near Ft. Bliss, but there’s only ONE RightDrive. Since opening our doors in 2017, RightDrive has been the dealer of choice for more and more members of our military community. We make sure our servicemen and women and cared for and get the treatment they deserve.  Our priority is to go above and beyond to take care of those who serve, and who have served, to protect our freedom. RightDrive has partnered with many banks and credit unions to provide our military with exceptional military financing options.  From low rates to low payments, we work hard with our partners to make sure our military gets the financing that they deserve.  Get pre-approved by clicking here.  No Social Security or date of birth is required. 

But all of that comes second to finding the best cars, trucks, and SUVS for our service members of the Ft. Bliss community.  RightDrive is the fastest-growing auto group for a reason, and our 5-star rating is only a byproduct of the wide selection of vehicles we offer and the excellent service we provide. Our inventory is unmatched in the El Paso area including our selection of bargain inventory under $10k This is because we have an entire team dedicated to acquiring vehicles to fill up our 4 locations in El Paso.  Our team looks all across the country daily to purchase the highest quality cars, trucks, and SUVS possible. At a time where auto dealers nationwide are struggling to find inventory, RightDrive is thriving and it’s all because we put together a winning team of highly skilled car buyers to help us find the best vehicles at the best prices.

Go to any new car dealership in the El Paso and Ft. Bliss area right now and you’ll be paying well over MSRP for ANY new vehicle that’s sought after.  Go to most used car dealers, and you’ll be paying well over retail book value for a decent vehicle.  They’ll all tell you the same thing. Supply and demand. At RightDrive, we don’t have that problem and it’s all because of our inventory team.  We didn’t use the inventory shortage as an excuse to overcharge our customers.  We rolled up our sleeves and created a department strictly for acquiring the best vehicle at the best prices.  If you’re an active duty member of our military or a veteran, you can surely expect additional incentives and offers.



Outstanding customer service is also the reason why those serving in the  Air ForceArmyCoast GuardMarine Corps, Navy , and, most recently, Space Force have chosen RightDrive as their dealer of choice. RightDrive is not your typical used car dealership.  We have thousands of reviews at an average of 5 stars and that’s for good reason.  We treat everyone like family, we work tirelessly for every customer, and we make sure our customers are satisfied for as long as they remain on the road. Our customer service starts with having a wide selection of vehicles to choose from at the right prices. From there, we make sure our customers get the price they’re happy with and the financing options that don’t stretch the budget. Our customers love our sales process because we aim to make car buying fast and easy.  We can get most of our customers on the road in as little as one hour.  That’s because at RightDrive you deal with one employee from RightDrive.  That’s right.  One employee will handle everything from finding you the right vehicle to getting you the right financing, and making sure you’re happy well after your purchase.  We want every customer to be a RightDrive customer for life!

Our commitment to our customers, including our brave men and women in uniform, will never change.  We aim to provide value in our vehicles, value in our relationships, and value to our community.  You can expect all of these things and much more.  RightDrive promises to do whatever it takes to get those who trust us with their business the vehicle they deserve, at the price they desire, and an experience that’s second to none. Expect the red carpet at RightDrive.

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