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Used cars for sale in EL Paso, TX at the best prices


RightDrive is proud to be El Paso’s fastest growing and highest rated auto group! The reason for our success is that we created an experience for our customers that’s fast and easy, the way it should be.  We realized that the way people bought cars needed to change drastically.  Therefore, in 2018, we set out to create a car buying experience that was easy, hassle free, and left our customers feeling completely satisfied when they drive away in their new vehicle. We noticed that too many people were left feeling exhausted and remorseful from the typical car buying experience. It wasn’t fun, it was downright painful.  We created RightDrive with the commitment to change that.

Buying a car, truck, or SUV is one of the biggest purchases we make in our lifetime, and that should be honored with a process that reflects that milestone.  It’s a huge accomplishment to be able to purchase a vehicle and we want to give our customers an experience that celebrates that achievement, regardless of budget. Our fast and efficient process allows our customers to drive away in their vehicle in 60 minutes or less! We find them the perfect vehicle with the best payment and/or price, and watch them drive away happy. It’s simple, the way it should be. This is why more drivers in the El Paso and surrounding areas are choosing RightDrive to buy their cars, trucks, and suvs.  

RightDrive – The Highest Rated Dealer in El Paso

What makes our process different?  For one, our customers don’t spend all day at our dealership trying to drive away in a new car.  Other dealerships have complicated processes with “too many cooks in the kitchen.”  At RightDrive, we believed car buying should fast and easy, so we set out to change the way people buy cars.  We got rid of all the hoops most have to jump through to get a car streaming the process and paperwork.  Most importantly, we eliminated the back and forth that car buyers go through. At RightDrive you deal with ONE manager that will help you find the right car, at a price that fits your budget, and handle all paperwork and financing for you.  No more going back and forth between a sales person, then a manager, then ANOTHER manger just to negotiate the deal you want.  Our process is transparent, fast, and easy where you deal with ONE person that handles everything and ultimately ensures your satisfaction.  This is why RightDrive is the highest rated dealer in all of El Paso and the surrounding areas.

Another reason why more and more people choose RightDrive is because we have the inventory!  We have hundreds of cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs to choose from at three locations in El Paso.  We bring in hundreds of quality used vehicles every month to provide our customers with the best options at the best prices.  Each vehicle on our lot has been hand picked and is thoroughly inspected ensuring that our customers are getting highest quality to chose from.  RightDrive also has the vehicles to fit into every kind of lifestyle within every type of budget.  We have what you want! The right vehicle at the right price and an experience you’ll love. 

Even though we’ve created a better way to buy a car, our efforts don’t stop there. RightDrive is very active in the community and we believe in giving back. You should expect more from the places you do business with.  After all, it’s because of our customers that RightDrive is open in the first place, and we’re always looking for ways to say thank you. We believe we have an obligation to not only provide a better way to buy a car, but an obligation to also better our community.  We believe in helping those in need, and supporting our local schools and children. We believe in being giving of our time by volunteering.  

We believe in a better way to buy a new vehicle, and believe in building a better, stronger community.

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