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Paying it forward

Helping out our El Paso Community

Since RightDrive was founded in 2018, we’ve made it a point to give back to our community.  After all, we’re in business because of the support we receive from our fellow El Pasoans.  We believe that businesses have an obligation to give back and to pay it forward.  No matter how big or small the contribution, if more businesses would get involved in giving back, even a little bit would go a very long way. 

When RightDrive started 4 years ago, we only had 4 vehicles on our lot. We were fortunate to sell all 4 cars and more in our first month.  Within three months, we were selling over 30 cars a month.  It was an incredible leap and the trajectory hasn’t stopped. Our doors remained open because people appreciated how we did business here at RightDrive.  Our customers would tell their friends and family about us, giving us the opportunity to earn more and more business.  We knew immediately from the inception of RightDrive, that we wanted to get out and find ways to give back, and that’s exactly what we did.

We began our first giveaway by paying for people’s gas at different gas stations around El Paso. We’d catch people on their way to work, on their break, running errands, and on their way to drop their kids off at soccer practice.  Paying for gas was just a small gesture of showing our appreciation to El Paso for all that it has done for us. Seeing how excited and thankful our fellow El Pasoans were to have their gas paid made it all worth it! Something simple, something small, but showing people you care can make a big difference. 

We’ve done many giveaways and paying it forward here at RightDrive.  We’ve paid for groceries, picked up people’s checks at restaurants, given away cash around El Paso, given away cars, and donated food and clothing to families in need. We’ve sponsored various charities such as The Miracle League of El Paso, The Center Against Sexual and Family Violence, The Humane Society of El Paso, and El Paso Animal Services.  We’ve sponsored High School events and have donated money to help support our education system.  Our social media has given us a platform to conduct weekly cash giveaways as well. It may not be enough to change someone’s life forever, but you never know who could use a little help, and that’s our intention.  Sometimes just letting someone know you care, and that there’s good in this world, can mean a lot to someone. 

The pandemic was tough on so many people in our El Paso community. People were laid off, had their hours cut back, lost their investments, and much more. Lives were turned upside down. It was heartbreaking hearing the stories of so many people in need around our country.  People in our El Paso community needed help more than ever before. People were stressed, scared, anxious, angry, and depressed.  We all had to worry about this new virus that had the potential to be fatal and deal with economic crises all at the same time. The burden of despair hit many individuals in El Paso. We knew we couldn’t help everyone, but we wanted to make a significant impact on people that may be struggling.  Therefore, we decided to go out and pay people’s rent.  


The RightDrive team hit the streets with the aim to pay as many people’s rent as possible. We went knocking on anyone and everyone’s door that would give us the time of day and share with us how much they were paying for rent.  Some folks were a little hesitant as they should be.  Having a couple of strangers knocking on your door on a Sunday afternoon can be unsettling for anyone. In true El Paso fashion, renters opened their doors, were very friendly, welcoming, and were willing to tell us how much they were paying for rent.  Once we found out how much their rent was, we started counting the bills to hand them their rent payment for the next month. The reactions were priceless!  

This ended up being one of our favorite giveaways. Anyone will tell you that the first thing they notice about El Paso is how friendly the people are. These El Pasoans didn’t disappoint!  We even had a few people tell us whom they knew, that could use some help, as we were walking around. El Pasoans are kind, hard-working, strong, resilient, grateful, and much so more. We loved being able to make people’s day by surprising them with rent, and their reactions and feedback made it all worth it! RightDrive is proud to be a local business in such an incredible community.

El Paso is a city unlike any other, and the people here are what makes El Paso what it is. We thank our community for all of its support and for trusting RightDrive as their preferred car dealer.  Keep on the lookout for more giveaways on our social media (links below) and stay tuned for our Super Bowl commercial in 2023.  We’re just getting started El Paso!


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